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PAGS 2016 Spring Season Divisional Placements

The PAGS Spring seasons are offered to provide teams an opportunity to play in a league, while at the same time being able to experiment with new tactics and new players.  Hence, the ability to use guest players in the PAGS Spring seasons.  The Spring seasons are about competitive play and preparing for the spring tournament season and the upcoming fall season, not results.  Every effort has been made to put all teams in a division with the appropriate competitive level.

Due to a lesser number of applications for Spring seasons than for Fall seasons, PAGS is unable to group teams by geography.  Teams are placed in divisions to provide the most competitive balance as possible.  In the instance of teams that would have been placed in U11 Division 1 and U12 Division 1 there were not enough teams to constitute a meaningful division.  Therefore, PAGS combined these teams into a U11/U12 Division 1.  The same situation occurred in U9 and U10 Division 10, therefore these divisions were combined to form a U9/U10 Division 10.

The Spring season divisional placements are available HERE.  Protests of divisional placements for the Spring season WILL NOT be considered.






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