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Secondary Players and Roster Size Changes

The PAGS membership voted on 2 major issues at the Delegate Meeting held on 5/21/07.

The membership chose to utlize Secondary Players in lieu of club Passes.  Therefore, the rules for the 2007 season are the same as the 2006 season.  A team may have up to 3 secondary players on a team, subject to the approval of the PAGS Games Commissioner. Secondary players may only play up in division within the same age group or up in age.  Secondary players are not eligible for the PAGS playoffs.

The membership approved the following roster sizes for the 2007-2008 year: U11-18, U12-18, U13-18, U14-18, U15-22, and U16-22.  The 22 player roster will be in effect for U15-U19 in PAGS for 2007-2008.  Each coach must submit an 18 player game roster to the referee and opposing coach, and any extra players may not be in uniform on the bench.





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