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US Club Soccer Registration Begins

Delegates Must First Register Their Club With USCS

Delegates may begin at anytime the process of their formal online team registration with US Clubs at their website.   Please look to this link 2003/uscs_reg_1.htm . Tim Hoffman of the Delco League has provided a  flow chart that will walk you through the online part of this process. You must register your club under "league" registration not under "clubs" when going to the US Clubs website.  Your affiliation is through the Pags League not as an individual club.  

Another flow chart will be forthcoming.  It will explain what to do with the passes US Clubs send you and how to have the passes processed by the league.  For EPYSA teams the process will differ slightly. The new EPYSA online program is projected to be up and running after beta testing the third week in June. Instructions will be forthcoming about this as well. If you are unsure of which association you will be playing in, the alignment will be up no later than Wednesday June 11th. Any questions regarding these issues should be directed to





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