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PAGS Player Development and Select Program for 2002-2003

PAGS is pleased to announce the following structural changes to the program formerly known as PAGS Select".  Based upon the successes attained during 2001-2002, PAGS has expanded the program as follows: 

       The program is being renamed the PAGS Player Development and Select Program to reflect the new focus on providing player development opportunities to all players in the League.

       Players are invited to sign up, not tryout, for either "Player Development" training or "Player Development" training and "Select Teams".  A player may choose to sign up for training only without joining a Select team.

       The fee for Player Development training only is $300, and the fee for both Player Development training and Select Teams is $400.  A complete breakdown of what the fees include will be discussed at the sign up meetings.

       It is our intention to form Select Teams at the U11, U12, U13, and U14 age groups.  U9/U10 players may play up with the permission of the PAGS Director of Player Development/Select. The number of teams and the composition of teams will not be decided until late February 2003.  The PAGS Director of Player Development/Select will make the final determinations, along with input from the training staff and Select Team coaches, of team composition.

       Sign ups will take place at the United Sports Training Center in Downingtown from 5:00 to 6:00 pm on 19 October and 26 October 2002.  The PAGS Director of Player Development/Select will discuss the program with parents and players at these meetings.

       There is no fee for signing up.  You will be asked at the time of sign ups whether the player is interested in Player Development only or Player Development and Select.  Players need not bring any equipment to sign ups as there will be no tryouts at this time.

       Space for this program is limited.

       Particulars concerning the new program will be discussed in detail at the sign up meetings.  Should you absolutely need more information prior to the sign up meetings, contact Jim Pomilo at




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