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Playoff Information

The following information applies to all PAGS playoff games:
1.  The teams will occupy one side of the field and all spectators will be on the opposite side.  No exceptions.
2.  Overtime consists of two complete 10 minute periods, no golden goal, followed by FIFA penalty kicks if necessary.
3.  The home team is responsible for providing referees except for semi-final games at a common field and the finals.  The teams split the referee fees as in the regular season, except for the finals  .
4.  The winning team reports the score to and  Scores should be reported immediately after completion of the game, particularly when the winners play again the next day.
5.  The date, time, and location for all final games has been posted to the schedule page for all divisions so there should be no questions.
6.  If any problems arise call either Mike Burke, Games Commissioner, at 610-888-PAGS or Tom Corey, President, at 610-506-PAGS.
A final note, pleae make sure all goal are properly weighted down.  We had a problem with a goal blowing over during a game last weekend.




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