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Payment Options for the Fall 2009 Season

For the Fall 2009 season teams may pay individually or Clubs may elect to pay for all of their teams at one time.

Individual teams have the option of paying by check or by credit card at the time they submit their application.  Payments by check must be received no later than 7 days after the application is submitted or the applicaton will be voided and the team will be required to reapply.  Complete instructions for paying by check are provided during the application process.

Clubs that wish to submit one check for all of their teams must notify the League in writing of their intention to do so.  The Club President or Delegate must submit notification to no later than 12 April 2009.  If notification is not received by this date individual teams will be required to submit payment along with their application.  Clubs who take advantage of this option will be required to submit payment in full no later than 21 June 2009.   Failure to submit payment in a timely manner will result in the Club being fined $100. 

Questions should be addressed to Tom Corey at or 610-506-PAGS. 




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