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PAGS Premier League Divisional Placements

The division placements for the PAGS 2018 Fall Premier League are available HERE

The vast majority of teams were placed in the division they requested on their application.  In some instances it was necessary to combine requested divisions in order to form a viable, competitive division.  For instance we combined 6 teams requesting Division 1 with 2 teams requesting Division 2 or 4 teams requesting Division 5 with 4 teams requesting Division 6.  We needed to combine the U9 and U10 age groups in order to create viable divisions.  We also combined some age groups at U15 and above.  In the instances where age groups were combined the teams have already been notified of the rationale used to compile these divisions.

PAGS will consider appeals of divisional placements until Sunday, 11/15/18.  Send any appeal to




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