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PAGS Inclement Weather Policy

PAGS generally will not cancel an entire day or weekend schedule of games due to weather conditions.  Individual Clubs all have different policies regarding closing of fields and weather can vary greatly over the entire PAGS area, so the decision will be made by the home club.  Clubs are requested to make the decision at least 2 hours prior to the first game at their field in order to allow time to notify the assigned referees.  You should contact your Referee Assignor immediately upon making the decision to cancel a game(s).  The list of Referee Assignors is availble by clicking on 'Referee Information' on the upper left-hand side of the home page.
If a game is canceled the home coach should contact the opponent to find a mutually agreeable date to reschedule the game.  Once this is done you should inform Tom Corey,, and Julie Sheehy,, in order that the schedule can be revised.




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