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PAGS Fall 2007 Divisional Placements Released

The divisional placements for the PAGS Fall 2007 season are now available.  Click here to view. 

It is a monumental task to assign 555 teams to the appropriate division and it is likely that some teams will think they have been placed in an incorrect division.  Placements were based on the information provided on the applications and every effort was made to ensure each team was placed in the division that provides the appropriate level of competition.  Do not fixate on the divison number, rather consider the teams you will be playing.

Appeals of these placements will not be considered.  If you are disatisfied with our team/’s placement you have until 6 July 2007 to withdraw from the League without financial penalty.  Teams withdrawing after that date will forfeit their application fee.  Please do not email or call the Games Commissioner of President to protest, the placements will not be changed unless a team withdraws.

Thanks for your continued support of the League and best of luck this season.




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