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  1. Our organization is called: Sint Maarten Youth Soccer Foundation. We are 
    affiliated to the governing body here on the island, the Sint Maarten Soccer 
    Association. two members of the Board of the SMSA were given the task to 
    structure the youth foundation. We have established a Board of Directors and 
    are registered at the chamber of commerce. 
    The mission of the Foundation is: 
    a. promote, stimulate and organize youth soccer on Sint Maarten for both 
    boys and girls. 
    b. stimulate and maintain relationships with other similar organizations, 
    foreign and local and support all initiatives favorable to soccer. 
    c. encourage mutual respect amongst the soccer players, trainers, coaches, 
    officials, promoters and all other persons involved in the sport of soccer. 
    d. see to it that all aforementioned events are realized under the rules and 
    regulations of the SMSA and by the national and international organizations 
    to which the SMSA is associated. 
    We appreciate the shipment of soccer equipment that is on the way. I know 
    that our kids will make good use of them. 
    Again I must tell you how much we appreciate this assistance. Thanks to Jim 
    we are able to establish this relationship. 
    I look forward to teams or individuals from your organization coming to St. 
    Maarten in the near future. 
    Please extend our warmest regards and gratitude. 
          Yours in Soccer, 




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