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How to Apply To The PAGS Cup Qualification League

Formerly Known As The Short Season

How to Apply To The PAGS Cup Qualification League

The PAGS Cup Qualification League (PCQL), formerly known as the PAGS Short Season, gives teams in the U15 to U19 age groups the ability to qualify for the various Cups offered by State associations.  The PCQL offers a regularly scheduled league with all teams playing a three game schedule.  Participants in the PCQL will have options of how to schedule their three games, choosing if they wish to play all divisional games at a common site on a specified weekend or if they would prefer to schedule the games over the fall season.


You will need to complete the online application form for the PAGS Cup Qualification League.  PAGS will be using GotSoccer for our applications for the 2018 Fall Season.  The application period for the PCQL will run from 7/8/18 to 8/15/18.  

To apply a team must have a GotSoccer account.  Most teams will have an account from playing in GotSoccer sponsored tournaments.  The first page of the application is where you enter your current GotSoccer login information or where you create a new GotSoccer account.  Once you login to the application you will be requested to provide information about your team as in the past.  For the PCQL you will be asked to select the competitive level (Division 1 through Division 10).  All teams must enter roster information.  You can do so at the time of application, or you can log back into your account and do so at a later date.

You will be required to pay by credit card in order to complete the application process, unless your Club has requested to be allowed to pay with a single check.  If your cljub has arranged to pay with a single check you will by provided with a Voucher Number by your club which you may use in lieu of a credit card.  If you have not received a Voucher Number you must pay by credit card!  You will receive a confirmation email.  If you do not receive such an email contact PAGS at

The link to the PCQL application can be found HERE.




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