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High School Sports Game Conflicts

New Procedure to Request Changes

We are receiving quite a number of requests to change games due to conflicts with high school sports.  We offered the short season option to alleviate this problem.  In addition, you may play a game with as few as 7 players, plus at U17 and above you have the option to roster 22 players.  We will consider each request on its merits.  However, to enable us to make an informed decision the coach requesting the change must submit the following information to PAGS by no later than 4 days prior to the game:
Official High School Roster
Official High School Schedule
Approved State Roster denoting players involved in conflict
High School AD name and phone number
PAGS Game Number and Date of Conflict
This request must bring your roster below 11 players with the soccer conflicts only.
Requests are to be faxed to the PAGS Office, 610-964-0156, for approval.  If your request is honored, your team will receive a reschedule of the game via email.  The fee for this type of game change is $50.




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