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Field Information Can Now Be Entered

Must Be Completed by 9 July 2006

Go to the PAGS home page,
1.  Click on 'List of Clubs' in the upper right-hand corner of the screen under 'PAGS Headlines'
2.  Click on your Club name
3.  Click on 'Login' in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
4.  Enter the email address associated with the individual in your Club who has been given administrative rights (most likely your Delegate).  Enter the unique password associated with the email address.  If you have forgotten your login information follow the directions on the screen. 
Note:  Your Club may have administrative rights assigned to more than one individual.  You must first add the individual to the list of officers for the Club and then request administrative rights be assigned by contacting Julie Sheehy at .  These individuals will receive an email with their unique password.
5.  Click on 'Club Field Permits' (Click on 'Club Administration' to add or edit officers or change other club information) 
6.  Read the instructions carefully and then click on 'Manage Field Permits'.
7.  Enter all the required date, including directions, for all applicable days for all of your fields.
8.  Log out when complete




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