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Entering Field Information

Due No Later Than 7/8/2005

Delegates, the following is the procedure for entering field information, which must be reentered each year to bring permits up-to-date.  All field information must be entered/update no later than 7/8/2005.
Go to the PAGS home page,, click on 'Club Delegate's Login' in the upper right-hand corner, enter your Club User I.D. and Password.  On the next page you can update your Club information first.  Then scroll to the middle of the page to the link for 'Enter Club Field Information'.  You must fill out a Field Permit Form for each field you will use and one Field Summary and Order of use form.
If a club does not enter/update its field information by 7/8/2005 they will be fined $100 and will not be permitted to register any teams or players until such time as the information is provided.  They may also, at PAGS's discretion, forfeit the right to any home games during the Fall 2005 season.
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