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Entering Field Information

Entering Field Information


In order for a club to schedule their home games for the Spring 2017 season any field that will be utilized MUST be in the PAGS database, AND a permit for the use of that field MUST be in the PAGS database as well.  Any person with administrative rights to the PAGS website for a club will be able to enter or update field and permit information.  There are two parts to this process.  One is establishing the field in the PAGS database and the other is entering the permit information, that is the age group that can utilize the field (U9/U10 -7v7, U11/U12 - 9v9, U13-U19 - full-size), times the field can be utilized on each day, and any restrictions to the use.  It is important that the permit information be entered so that the appropriate Referee Assignor is notified in the event of a change to a scheduled game.

Step 1 - To enter field and permit information login to the PAGS website as you normally do.  On the PAGS home page click on “PAGS Member Clubs” and then click on your club name.  You will see the following screen:

Step 2 - Click on “Club Log-In” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Enter your email address and password.

Step 3 - On the next screen click on “Club Field Info”.

Step 4 - You will see all of your club’s fields with permits that are currently in the PAGS database.  

If this listing contains all of the fields you will use for the Spring 2017 season you do not need to enter any field information.  You MUST confirm that the permit period, as shown in the Start and End columns does not expire before 6/30/17 as a minimum.  If the permits for the fields you will use for the Spring 2017 season run through at least 6/30/1 you are finished with this process.  Adding new fields will be discussed further in Step 6 below.

Step 5 - If all of the fields you will use for the Fall 2016 season are listed but the permits must be updated then click on the link to “Maintain Field Permits” at the bottom of the page.

The next screen allows you to update all permits for existing fields.


To change the permit information simply follow the instructions provided.

Step 6 - If in Step 4 above you do not see a field that you will be utilizing for the Spring 2017 season both the field and a permit MUST be added to the database.  To enter a new field click on “Edit Fields and Directions” at the bottom of the page.

The next screen allows you to enter new fields or to make changes to existing fields/directions to fields.

Step 7 - If the field complex exists, i.e. Deep Run Complex or Telegraph Rd. in Step 5 above, and you need to add another field then click on the link to the letter that equates to the first letter of the complex name, i.e D.  The next screen shows all of the complexes beginning with the letter D.

Step 8 - Click on the link for the name of the complex, i.e. Deep Run Complex.  On this screen you can either modify the information already provided for the complex or add new field(s).  

To add a new field click on the “Add New FIELDS to this Complex” link and complete the required information.  Once the field has been added follow Step 5 above to add the permit information.  

NOTE:  When naming fields use the following conventions:  1.  DO NOT repeat the name of the complex in the field name, i.e. Deep Run Complex Deep Run Field #1; 2. wherever possible name fields Field #1, Field #2, Upper Field, Smith Field, etc.; 3. U9/U10 fields should include (7v7) after the field name, i.e. Field #2 (7v7); 4. U11/U12 fields should include (9v9) after the field name, i.e. Field #2 (9v9); 5. full-size fields DO NOT required (11v11) after the name.  

Step 9 - In Step 7 if the complex to which you wish to add a field does not exist you must first add the complex before adding the field(s).  To add a new complex click on “Add a New Complex”

Complete all of the information, to include directions if additional information is required in addition to the street address.  For instance, “fields are behind the school” or fields are in the park over the footbridge, or “no parking on any grassy area”.




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