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Appeals Hearing Scheduled

Monday, 21 June 2004

The appeals hearings will be held on Monday, 21 June 2004 at USTC.  Coaches who have filed for a hearing will be notified of the time of their hearing. 
Please be patient, we have had an unprecedented number of applications for the League this year.  Despite a sport thtat is losing numbers toother sports, the League will show a growth in excess of 12% over last year, the fifth year in a row the League has grown substantally.  PAGS may not be the largest girls soccer league in the countryr, but it surely is in the top five. We need your help.  All of this is managed by a small group of volunteers without the paid staff other Leagues maintain, and at a cost that is significantly lower than other Leagues.  We are not interested in raising fees, just the level of service.  Thanks for your support.  Stayed tuned for updates on this page.  Have a great summer.




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