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PAGS Developmental Geographic League Division Placements

The division placements for the PAGS 2018 Fall Developmental Geographic League (PDGL) are available HERE

Teams were first divided by there age group and choice of competitive level (Div 6-7 or Div 8-10).  Then teams were placed together based upon their choice of geographic division.  Due to the low number of applications received we were forced to combine U9 and U10, U11 and U12, and some U13 and U14 age groups to have enough teams for a division.  In addition, we had no choice but to combine geographic areas as well.  The rationale for each age group has been sent to the teams via email.

Due to the number of teams in the PDGL PAGS will not be able to accommodate requests for changes in placement except in extreme cases.

PAGS Premier League Divisional Placements

The division placements for the PAGS 2018 Fall Premier League are available HERE

The vast majority of teams were placed in the division they requested on their application.  In some instances it was necessary to combine requested divisions in order to form a viable, competitive division.  For instance we combined 6 teams requesting Division 1 with 2 teams requesting Division 2 or 4 teams requesting Division 5 with 4 teams requesting Division 6.  We needed to combine the U9 and U10 age groups in order to create viable divisions.  We also combined some age groups at U15 and above.  In the instances where age groups were combined the teams have already been notified of the rationale used to compile these divisions.

PAGS will consider appeals of divisional placements until Sunday, 11/15/18.  Send any appeal to

About PAGS

Philadelphia Area Girls Soccer (PAGS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide an opportunity for for all girls, teams, and clubs to find their appropriate level of competition in order to enjoy soccer and to develop as individuals, teams, and clubs.  PAGS was formed in 1980 as Tri-County Soccer League comprised of 125 teams in Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery counties.  Today PAGS is comprised of almost 500 teams from 110 different clubs and provides opportunities for all ages from U9 to U19.  These clubs come from all of Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer and Delaware Youth Soccer, northern Maryland, and southern New Jersey.

Whatever your level of play and aspirations for your club or team, PAGS offers the appropriate level of play with an emphasis on player development at U9 to U12.  In additon, for U9 to U14 teams PAGS offers competitive divisions with an emphasis on limiting travel time.




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